When we walk to the edge of all of the light we have.

And take a step into the darkness of the unknown.

We must believe that one of two things will happen.

There will be something solid to stand on, or we will be taught to fly.

S. Martin Hodges

Why Counselling?

At a time when IT enables infinite communication, it seems ironic that the capacity to feel truly heard and understood diminishes. And as the world increases in speed the demands of life can leave us feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

My aim as a psychotherapist is a simple one – to encourage more people to feel comfortable talking about their mental and emotional health, to improve lives by truly listening, reflecting, and helping you find your own answers to challenging or complex feelings.

By working together in a straightforward and uncomplicated way, answers can be found, perspective gained, enabling you through difficult times and emotions, to achieve clarity, calm, and resilience.



Counselling helps explore the recurring issues, identify where our expectations are leaving us unfulfilled, and helping to remember why the relationship is important to you.


Accepting we feel depressed is never a matter of how strong or weak a person is. Talking things through with a counsellor can help you to unravel complex issues and difficult feelings to leave you with a renewed sense of clarity and well-being.


Persistent feelings of anxiety are more than a fleeting worry or concern about a specific event or activity. You can recover. Talking through the cause of your anxiety is the first step to finding calm, stillness, and a sense of empowerment.


Talking through the cause of your stress is the first step to finding calm, tranquillity, and a sense of liberation from the pressures of stress. Working with a skilled and compassionate counsellor will help you to recognise the triggers giving you methods and strategies that support and enable you to take control.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Where there are no physical reasons for being unable to get hard or maintain an erection the cause is most likely to be between the ears and not the legs! The only way to overcome psychological erection issues is with an experienced psychotherapist who can provide a safe, confidential, and straightforward approach that helps you to identify the cause and find a lasting solution.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

There are many reasons for oedema, and as many approaches to help to relieve the effects. MLD is a gentle, none-invasive treatment that offers relief from the swelling, and the heaviness of oedema. The effects are alleviated using a tailored blend of quality essential oils, and the practiced hands of a caring practitioner, leaving you feeling lighter and more mobile.

External Supervision – students and practicing psychotherapists.

In any supervisory position it is important to establish trust, compassion, and an approach that will enable the supervisee to quickly feel supported and at ease. We each need reassurance about our skills and abilities, and to feel we’ll be challenged in a none-judgemental way to ensure our safe practice and growth as counsellors.

Angi Egan MBACP

Having qualified in 2000 I have worked in schools, GP surgeries, and latterly in private practice, predominately with young adults, graduates, and senior professionals using a person-centred approach alongside Gestalt, elements of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), and extensive coaching skills.

In essence, I work with whatever approach I feel will bring the best results and be the most relevant for the individual, helping you to discover your own meanings and insights, instead of telling you mine.

Alongside counselling I have worked as a consultant to global corporates on areas such as leadership skills, brand culture, team dynamics, and personal empowerment, through utilising workshop facilitation, keynote speaker, one-to-one work, and group development on-site.

My area of focus is with relationships – with our partner, our family, our work colleagues, and most importantly, with ourselves. This includes providing a calm and non-judgemental place for men who are struggling with erectile dysfunction, changes in lifestyle, independence, or the impact of menopause on their partner.

In addition, the impact of loss. Grief could involve the death of a loved one, although less obvious aspects can involve any form of loss that impacts our emotional and mental health – lifestyle, function, purpose, relationships, in fact, any aspect of our life where loss leaves us feeling hurt, distressed, defeated, and confused.

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"Often the hardest person
to forgive is yourself."

9 -

"Isn’t it odd. We can only see our outsides, but nearly everything happens on the inside."

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"One of our greatest freedoms
is how we react to things."

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