Natural Approaches to Ease the Effects of Menopause

20 August 2020 By 0 Comments

As with many things in life we need a nudge, a reminder, or an insight to some simple, traditional remedies that are often overlooked simply because they’re so familiar. What’s the expression? Familiarity breeds contempt …….I figure this has been the case with many of the following.

Cod liver oil – as a child of the sixties I remember lining up behind my brothers and sisters for a daily dose of cod liver oil with malt extract, (the malt extract purely as a sweetener to entice us to take the cod liver oil I’m certain). Who knows if taking this on a daily basis is having any direct effect or if it’s purely psychosomatic, however, if it helps ease aching and stiff joints who cares?

Since reintroducing a daily dose of cod liver oil my joints have become far less stiff and painful, and a wonderful side effect has been how soft and velvety my skin has become, an added bonus for the drying effect of falling oestrogen levels during menopause.

Vitamin D – given the UK isn’t renowned for wall-to-wall sunshine most of the population is deficient and would benefit from a supplement. It doesn’t take long to get a good dose of vitamin D3, exposing face, arms & legs twice weekly for 20-30-minutes should do it. A spot of gardening, walking the dog, or just being outdoors for a little while without wearing an SPF sounds great when you’re in the Med, not so much in the UK winter, so a supplement is the best option

Sage – I found taking this in tincture form (liquid) was just the ticket for controlling my pesky ‘power surges’. Please note, mine were a no more than flushing red, breaking into a gentle sweat, and feeling a tad uncomfortable until it passed. Contrast this with my sister who felt compelled to strip-off clothing, irrespective of where we were, and failing to do so sent her into fits of aggression/panic (likewise, this was the effect it had on me the first time she did it in the middle of my favourite shop!)

Soybean and wild yam – there are some fabulous body moisturisers containing these ingredients. Lord knows, I tried so many in my pursuit of soothed and flake-free skin and I found those containing high percentages of soybean, wild yam, avocado oil, olive oil, honey, etc were the most effective. There are also supplements available, mostly in a multi-vitamin and mineral form

Drink more water – I know it’s boring, but it happens to be true. Start with a couple of extra glasses a day and build up, this way you’re more likely to develop this habit (and avoid endless trips to the toilet!) Drinking water is also the most cost effective and simple way to bright eyes, clear skin, ache-free muscles, flexible joints and generally feeling at your best

Get to bed – along with water, sleep is one of the best anti-ageing and rejuvenating pills ever invented. One of the difficulties to achieving a good night’s sleep during the menopause is the constant rearranging of bedding – quilt on, quilt off, quilt part on, quilt part off, both feet out, one foot out – I found the only sane answer in reply to the nightly appearances from the hot monster was to go to bed earlier. It’s not forever, or every night, just to combat feeling exhausted

Epsom salts baths – best avoided before bed as an effect of Epsom salt baths is the tendency to increase body temperature. However, the joy of Epsom salts (just one little scoop in your hand does it) for easing aching joints, flushing out toxins, and helping skin feel less itchy means this will remain part of my routine for life. Perhaps enjoy a bath then lie on the bed either watching TV, listening to the radio, or reading a book while you cool down